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The following set of values and principles lie at the heart of SHOUT Canada's philosophy. To ensure the program's sustainability and achieve its objectives, all participants must embody self-reflection, respect, and maturity through their attitudes and behaviours.

As a united group, SHOUT Canada is committed to providing each participant with the space to flourish and process their experiences abroad. Inclusiveness and solidarity will safeguard the authenticity and impact of the reflections we cultivate in Rwanda and carry back home. We firmly believe that upholding our core values will fortify the program, enrich everyone's journey, and perpetuate SHOUT Canada's lasting legacy.

We believe that every visitor to Rwanda carries with them the living stories of the genocide and bears the solemn responsibility of treating these stories with the utmost respect and care.

SHOUT Canada's Charter of Values


1. Generosity: Sharing with others and respectfully listening, acknowledging differing perspectives, and treating all with respect, even in disagreement.

2. Open-mindedness: Embracing diverse ways of doing things without judgment, allowing for growth outside our comfort zones while fostering inclusivity.

3. Adaptability: Embracing change and unforeseen circumstances, committing to do our best, and exploring our capacity to adapt to new situations.

4. Patience: Giving others the space to express themselves and process their thoughts and emotions at their own pace, understanding and respecting the cultural pace in Rwanda.


5. Teamwork: Prioritizing the collective good, supporting fellow participants, and building strong relationships to enhance the experience for all.


6. Trust: Acknowledging the importance of trust in building meaningful connections and fostering a common purpose during the trip.


7. Gratitude: Actively listening to speakers to honour their stories and expressing appreciation for the knowledge gained.

8. Compassion & Solidarity: Embracing individual differences, seeking understanding, and offering patience, love, and support to one another.

9. Ambassadors: Recognizing that our behaviour reflects not only on ourselves but also on SHOUT Canada and Canada as a whole.


10. Responsibility: Viewing participation in RoR as an opportunity to give back, advocate for change, and be agents of positive transformation.


11. Vulnerability: Acknowledging the courage required to witness Rwanda's history and embracing vulnerability as a strength for personal growth.


12. Circles & Exchange: Engaging in daily debriefs to connect and understand others' experiences, encouraging participation and sharing.


Should any participant repeatedly disregard these values or exhibit offensive or abusive behaviour towards others, the Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict their participation in certain activities or interactions if deemed necessary for the well-being of the group.

By applying to SHOUT Canada’s flagship program, Reflections on Rwanda, prospective participants willingly commit to upholding the following essential values:

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