This year SHOUT Canada will present its 2021 edition of Reflections on Rwanda  

“From Remembrance to Action”, in a conference format.

As it is a sign of the times, our event will be virtual, however, still
focused on encouraging reflection.

We are delighted to announce that the Honourable Prof. Irwin
Cotler, Yvette Rugasaguhunga, Providence Umurungi  and Yannick Kamanzi has accepted to be our keynote speaker  and other surprise guests will join us.

The event will take place on June 21st , 2021 from  11AM  to 1PM Eastern Time(US and Canada)


To receive the event zoom link send us an email at: reflectionsonrwanda@gmail.com  

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Who We Are

Shout Canada is a non-profit organisation based in Canada and run by volunteers. 

Our flagship education program is called Reflections on Rwanda. It brings Canadian students and young professionals to the country to join Rwandans in genocide education and remembrance. 

As a proactive and practical education program, it is designed to educate Canadians by providing them with both the tools and motivation to affect change - in their communities and on campuses, both in Canada and around the world.

Our Mission

In short, Reflections on Rwanda
is more of a movement than a program. Its purpose is to inspire students and young professionals to take action, to speak out, and to stand up.

We aim to act as a springboard for youth and students to engage with social justice issues. We hope to motivate participants to share their knowledge from the trip, including delivering presentations and leading discussions related to the genocide.

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Last  year's trip is cancelled due to COVID-19.

As you may have realized, it is quite hard to plan a group trip on another continent while applying necessary social distancing and avoiding non-essential travels. We are fully committed to plan another trip as soon as the world gets through this though period (which we hope to see happen soon). In the meantime, you might be interested in learning more about the level of precaution, responsibility and discipline Rwanda is demonstrating in its effort against the pandemic! We will be watching it closely as well! 

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