SHOUT Canada

SHOUT Canada is a grassroots, national, not-for-profit organization administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. Reflections on Rwanda (RoR) is SHOUT Canada’s flagship program, in the context of its primary organizational mandate, which is to help foster a generation of students and young professionals with the power, voice and determination to affect change.

About Us

Shout Canada is a non-profit organisation based
in Canada and run by volunteers. 

Our flagship education program is called Reflections on Rwanda. It brings Canadian students and young professionals to the country to join Rwandans in genocide education and remembrance. 

As a proactive and practical education program, it is designed to educate Canadians by providing them with both the tools and motivation to affect change - in their communities and on campuses, both in Canada and around the world.

Our Mission

In short, Reflections on Rwanda
is more of a movement than a program.

Its purpose is to inspire students and young professionals to take action, to speak out, and to stand up.

We aim to act as a springboard for youth and students to engage with social justice issues. We hope to motivate participants to share their knowledge from the trip, including delivering presentations and leading discussions related to the genocide.

Reflections on Rwanda
Reflections on Rwanda (RoR) is SHOUT Canada’s flagship program, bringing together Canadians and Rwandans for genocide education and remembrance. The RoR program was conceptualized and created in 2008 by the organization’s founding members, who were all full-time students at the time. The year was spent putting together a pilot project, which came to fruition in the summer of 2009. Indeed, the group spent the better part of that summer in Rwanda visiting historical sites, solidifying relationships with individuals, as well as governmental and non-governmental groups. The pilot project was implemented to lay the grounding for the 2010 RoR program.
A program is born!
On May 17th 2010, the first RoR cohort, comprised of 11 young Canadians from all corners of the country, met at London’s Heathrow Airport to be briefed about their imminent arrival in Kigali. In this context, SHOUT Canada is pleased to continue offering the RoR program nearly seven years later.
Meet our Board of Directors
Shout Canada is run entirely by former alumni of the Reflections on Rwanda program. Our board of directors are volunteers, and they do what they do because they believe in the program and its mission!