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Overseas study opportunities for Canadians

The History

SHOUT Canada is a grassroots, national, and non-profit organization that operates under the guidance of a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors.

It was established by a group of compassionate university students who took part in the transformative "March for Remembrance and Hope" and "March of the Living" Holocaust study programs. Through these experiences, they delved into a history of immense suffering, leading them to share a collective mission: to enlighten Canadians about genocide and foster respectful and inclusive communities.

Upon returning to Canada, fueled by their desire to make a difference, they came together and formed SHOUT (Students Helping Others Understand Tolerance) or ÉCT (Étudiants pour la Compréhension de la Tolérance). This organization was born from their passion to promote understanding, empathy, and tolerance in society.

Our Goals

(1) To advocate for genocide awareness and raise awareness about ongoing global social injustices. We are committed to actively working towards a world that recognizes and confronts these critical issues.

(2) To foster unity among diverse Canadian youth by facilitating impactful programs and hosting engaging speakers. Our aim is to create meaningful experiences that resonate with everyone and contribute to positive change within our communities and beyond.

Reflections on Rwanda (RoR)
Reflections on Rwanda (RoR) is SHOUT Canada’s flagship program, bringing together Canadians and Rwandans for genocide education and remembrance. The vision for RoR was conceived and brought to life in 2008 by the organization's founding members, all of whom were full-time students at the time.

Dedicated to transforming their vision into reality, the team spent a year meticulously crafting a pilot project that ultimately unfolded during the summer of 2009. Throughout that transformative summer, the group immersed themselves in Rwanda, engaging with historical sites and fostering meaningful connections with individuals, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The success of the pilot project laid the strong foundation upon which the 2010 RoR program was built. It marked the beginning of a remarkable initiative that continues to touch the lives of countless individuals, bridging cultures, and fostering mutual understanding between nations.
Students in Rwanda for international security course
A Program Is Born
On May 17, 2010, a group of 11 young Canadians from all corners of the country gathered at London's Heathrow Airport. They eagerly awaited their upcoming journey to Kigali, where the first cohort of Reflections on Rwanda (RoR) would commence.

Reflecting on this historic moment, SHOUT Canada takes immense pride in sustaining the legacy of the RoR program over a decade later. 

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