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How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 Reflections on Rwanda program are now open! Prior to applying, please ensure you are eligible to participate. If you do not meet the criteria, we encourage you to reach out; we consider relevant experience and interest despite all criteria not being met.

Cost: The cost of the program varies based on the number of participants. For 2024, the estimated cost (including programming, local guide, food, water, accommodation, private bus and driver) is $2200-$2900 CAD plus airfare.

To apply, please answer the following questions and email this information along with your resume and cover letter to The deadline to apply is February 28, 2024. 

(Veuillez noter que vous pouvez rédiger vos réponses en français si vous le préférez. Nous encourageons les candidats bilingues à appliquer!)

Personal information:

Name as it appears on your passport:

Date of Birth:

Current Address:

Phone Number:

E-mail Address:

Educational Background:

Did anyone recommend you for this program?

Do you have any medical conditions?

Is there anything else that you feel we should know?


Please answer each of the following questions in no more than 250 words each.


  1. Why do you want to participate in this program and how would you contribute to the group dynamic?

  2. What are your past travel experiences?

  3. What aspect of the program would you be most concerned about and most excited about?

  4. What could you see yourself doing with the knowledge you gained from this trip?


Please answer one (1) of the following questions in no more than 500 words. Please note that you are not required to conduct any outside research. However, if you use academic sources, please cite them.


  1. In 2013, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (“ICTR”) completed the majority of its operations. Do you believe that the ICTR along with the national Gacaca courts, have successfully attained justice for those affected by the genocide? Why or why not? 

  2. If you were sitting next to a genocidaire, that is, a perpetrator of the genocide, what would you ask him/her?

  3. How do you think the Republic of Rwanda is now perceived by the international community, 25 years after the genocide? And why?

The deadline to apply for the 2024 program is January 17, 2024. We look forward to reading your application.

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