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Meet Our Board
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And Friends of the Program


Caro A.

Reflections on Rwanda Alumna - May 2018

Becky Noble


Reflections on Rwanda Alumna - May 2019

I participated in RoR 2018 after my first year of Law School at the Université de Montréal. This trip opened so many doors of questioning (as you can probably tell by its name), that I decided to commit to SHOUT for as many years as I could.


The trip was the materialization of my lifelong search for understanding. When I thought I had finally come to grasp the inevitable contrast between human nature and philosophical ideals, this trip showed me I knew nothing of those theoretical ideas. I understood that there are voices you cannot read in books, lessons you cannot learn from movies, and feelings that really do make you grow.


It is important for me that there be a diversity of backgrounds and ideas within the future groups of participants, as all perspectives have something to teach. I can guarantee that no matter one’s specialization, this trip is for all interests. 

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Mattea Chadwick

I visited Rwanda for the first time in 2012 as part of the RoR program. Hearing firsthand accounts of the genocide, visiting memorial sites, and meeting many different people was a challenging and deeply enriching experience for me at 19 years old (at the time the youngest participant to go on the trip). But I was also captivated by the country's natural beauty, food, and music.


I hold a bachelor's degree in History from Carleton University in Ottawa and have worked as a museum guide for many years in the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum as well as multiple Belgian museums. I speak English, Dutch, and French and have a passion for knitting, the theatre, and poetry. I currently live in Belgium with my partner and our many books.

Reflections on Rwanda Alumna - 2012

I visited Rwanda as an independent traveler in 2011 and was deeply impacted by my experiences there. In many ways, my first trip to Rwanda planted the initial seeds for a career change, with an interest in human rights and international law.


During law school, I was fortunate to return to Rwanda as a 2019 Reflections on Rwanda participant. The RoR program offered critical insight into the events of 1994 and allowed me to engage with Rwanda’s people and history in a unique way. Joining a similarly minded cohort of young Canadians and interacting with Rwandans, international lawyers, NGOs, and governmental officials, was incredibly special. RoR was an invaluable supplement to my formal education. As a SHOUT Canada Board Member, I am committed to helping more Canadians participate in this important program. 


I'm a graduate of McGill University and the University of New Brunswick. I currently practice law in a small town on Vancouver Island.



Reflections on Rwanda Alumna - 2012


I first visited Rwanda in 2012 as a participant in the RoR program while pursuing a degree in International Studies specializing in security and conflict. Learning about the 1994 genocide through face-to-face discussions with survivors and rescuers allowed me to deepen my understanding of the events that occurred and their lasting impact. In addition, participating in dialogue with Rwandan change-makers offered a unique insight into a country that is committed to rebuilding. 


I currently work in the security tech industry and look forward to returning to Rwanda a decade after my first trip to revisit its history with a new perspective, learn about the developments that have been made, and enjoy its rich culture and natural beauty.


Rachel Uwase

Reflections on Rwanda Alumna - 2012


Rachel is a graduate from the University of Rwanda in Social sciences with a major in International

relations and diplomacy and a certified humanitarian frontline negotiator and facilitator for the CCHN (Center of competence for humanitarian negotiations).

Rachel is an innovative, creative, and seasoned communications specialist, a native English and French speaker, and fluent in Swahili. She is a firm believer in the power of communications, public advocacy and accountability as an authoritative tool in challenging and highlighting social norms and other humanitarian issues arising in our communities.


She has through her career, supported different organizations and networks to strengthen their network engagements by defining high quality strategies and framework of engagement while creating and maintaining high level partnerships with key stakeholders and enhancing communication skills and practices.


Rachel has worked as the Communication and prevention manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and held this role in Rwanda and Mali, as well as the Humanitarian affairs advisor in Ethiopia for the same organisation. Prior to joining the ICRC, Rachel worked as an election observer for both the African Union and the East African community (EAC) and held the EAC youth ambassador role. 

Faustin Bismarck Murangwa

Reflections on Rwanda - on-the-ground lead of the program since inception

Faustin was friend to the co-founders of SHOUT Canada. He helped build the program of Reflections in Rwanda in 2009, and made it possible for all the cohorts to visit what they visited and to meet the people they met in Rwanda.

Faustin occupe actuellement les postes de facilitateur et traducteur dans le cadre du projet de formation en droit pénal international pour les avocats du RBA. Auparavant, Faustin était conseil juridique à la Cour Suprême du Rwanda, ayant pour mission d’aider la Chambre spécialisée, chargée de juger les crimes internationaux et transfrontaliers, à se familiariser entre autres avec les meilleures

pratiques et normes internationales dans la gestion des affaires transférées par le TPIR/MPTI et les autres pays.

En 2011-2012 il a travaillé pour le bureau du procureur du TPIR en tant que chercheur juridique, et il a participé à différentes affaires, notamment les affaires Ngirabatware et Nizeyimana, tous deux condamnés par le TPIR.


Faustin a obtenu le barreau du Rwanda en 2009. Il a participé et gagné le concours de plaidoiries dans une formation organisée par le TPIR et le Barreau sur les crimes de

génocide, crimes contre l’humanité et crimes de guerre.


De 2003 à 2005, Faustin était conseiller juridique à la GTZ-Coopération, chargé de l’évaluation des performances des parquets nationaux du Rwanda et du Burundi et des accompagnements aux juridictions des Cours Gacaca.


Faustin est diplômé de l’Université Libre de Kigali, et parle couramment l'anglais, le français, le kinyarwanda et le swahili.

Board Committees

  • Legal Policy Team (Interim Sub-Committee)

    • To handle legal matters and by-laws


  • Finance & Admin Sub-Committee

    • To address membership, finances, and banking


  • Alumni Relations Sub-Committee

    • To oversee alumni network, the database, and events


  • Coordination Sub-Committee

    • To address the logistics, trip planning, and participant relations


  • Communications and Events Sub-Committee

    • To facilitate social media presence, website, newsletter, and events

    • To develop the organization's public message

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Governance Structure
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