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Reflections on Rwanda 
Alumni and Testimonials

SHOUT Canada's success is entirely dependent on the support and the commitment of our alumni. Whether you are interested in getting involved or just want to stay in touch, this Alumni page is a good place to start to find your place in the organization.


We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in working with SHOUT Canada's volunteer-based governance, and in continually improving the RoR Program and the organization as a whole. We are grateful to have you!

We also hope to engage alumni through SHOUT Canada’s internal and external events on an ongoing basis. The Rwandan diaspora, as well as genocide prevention and peace building networks in Canada. 


Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering with us.

Stay in Touch!


"By the time the trip was over, without trying to sound too much like Maya Angelou, I was reminded how to grieve, how to be strong, how to be inspired, and how to laugh."
- RoR Participant 2010

"Just after participating in RoR 2011, I began a DPhil (PhD) in International Relations at the University of Oxford, and the effect the programme has had on my work, my perspectives on international politics, and my teaching can not be overestimated. I often now teach courses on conflict and genocide to undergraduates, and the opportunity to visit Rwanda, speak with survivors, visit memorial sites, and observe aspects of the justice process has without a doubt made me a more effective, passionate instructor. RoR has had a profound effect on my research, and my personal understanding of what it means to do engaged and responsible academic work."


- Kate RoR Participant 2011

"Traveling to Rwanda with RoR was one of the most profound experience I've ever had. As a student of International Security, I can honestly say that no classroom can compare to learning about the genocide through first-hand experiences and interactions with those who lived through its horror. My trip with RoR developed my perspective on international relations and changed the way I approach education by showing me the value in learning by experience, rather than just textbooks. Not only did my education greatly benefit from my trip, but I got to travel a beautiful country that I would have been apprehensive to visit alone for the first time. The RoR staff were wonderful and made the trip comfortable, safe, and well planned."


- Kendra Wingerter RoR Participant 2012

“The RoR programme allowed me to connect my academic knowledge of genocide studies with the emotional realities of learning from genocide survivors. Meeting with Rwandans both challenged my understanding of “the literature” and reaffirmed my commitment to genocide studies. My visit to Rwanda in 2013 saw me grow not just as a scholar and researcher, but as a person.”


- Neekoo Collett RoR Participant 2013

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